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5 reasons why you NEED A wedding PHOTO BOOTH!

By Amanda Ku - Pose & Pucker Photobooth

Whether you are booking for an intimate wedding or a wedding that has 1000 guests, HERE’S WHY it’s important to have a photobooth for the occasion!

If you’re still on the fence about whether a photo booth for your wedding, here are 5 essential reasons that will convince you it’s the right choice:



Chances are that you want your wedding to be fun for everyone. You’ve probably booked an awesome DJ and you plan to keep the drinks flowing, but sometimes dancing isn’t for everyone. Photobooths, on the other hand, are suitable for everyone - from the age of 1 month to 99 years old – and it’s so easy to pose for a picture. A photobooth at your wedding will provide a great source of entertainment to your guests. With an unlimited combination of people and props, surely you will entertain your guests with a photobooth without needing to be in every picture. The photobooth adds a great segueway into the evening festivities as it loosens people up and everyone enjoys a silly photo as a memory of your special event. Your guests will love that the prints are instant and that everyone is smiling after their mini session is done! Photobooths make guests smile, give them an opportunity to be silly and create memories. 

2. Unique wedding FAVOUR

A photobooth can provide an awesome wedding favour that entails a personalized picture and captures just how much fun they had at your wedding. You can customize the photo to include your wedding date, wedding colours, or even a picture of your engagement shoot to customize your keepsake for both yourself and your guests (check out our gallery for our amazing designs). A lot of guests will appreciate having a photo of themselves with their friends, family, or their kids. But even if they don't care about that, you will enjoy having a fun gallery of your wedding guests which you can download and print off (or we can instantly print double copies on site too).

3. in addition to the photographer

A photobooth compliments the photographer and videographer and captures precious memories that you may not otherwise have had; photos are uploaded on our online gallery almost immediately after the event, and a keepsake is instantly printed for those who will always remember. The photographer often catches the most precious moments to your wedding as they are focused on finding the best shots and the formals of your event. A photobooth cannot replace the photographer’s role, but we provide the candid, un-planned, silly photos of your day. So grab mom and dad and capture the next family Christmas card, or meet your bridesmaids and groomsmen in the wedding photobooth for a wacky wedding party photo shoot!  


Weddings are like reunions. We are able to give your guests that opportunity to take a picture with people that may not have seen each other for years. Aunties coming to your special day from far far away. Nephews meeting their great grandma for the first time. How about the old friends that you haven’t seen since high school that are able to make it to your special day?  Bringing people together should be our motto. People can take pictures by themselves, but a photobooth is always more entertaining with company. Time and time again, we've been able to squeezed in over 20 people into our booths and we will continue to strive to squeeze in more, even if it is just their hands!


We want to help you share the love and let all your guests know and yourself know how fun your wedding was! A wedding photobooth will have people talking long after your big day has come and gone, and isn’t that what we’re all after? 

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